Down But Never Defeated

A couple of weeks ago on Instagram I posted an “Ask me a question” on my stories. One of the most asked questions was “Whats your favorite image you’ve taken, and why?”. I keep thinking about it over and over, trying to answer it. But all my thoughts keep coming back to… I haven’t taken it yet, and I’m not sure I ever will have a favorite. My mind doesn’t work like that. I don’t think of things as favorites, like best basketball player ever, best restaurant, best artist, best photographer, etc. I appreciate all things for what they are, not how I can categorize them. 

But! If you ask me what it was that made me like an image, or how it made me feel, I can go all day talking your ear off about it. When I go out and shoot I take hundreds of pictures, but very few will make the cut. When I pick them out its for good reason, they struck a cord in me somewhere.

And sometimes it can be as simple as a jester a horse was giving me, the tone of an image, the story it tells, or a composition I liked. My photography and art is not something that will have an achieved end to it where I can sit down and say I accomplished everything I wanted with it and list my favorites. As long as I’m breathing I hope a camera can help me express how I see the world, or how I want to see it.

Even though I don’t claim to have favorites, I do have images that represent values to me that I revere. This Image I call “Down But Never Defeated”  When I look at the photo the horse looks dismal, and somber. Like he has just taken a pounding. But one of the things that impresses me about wild horses, or horses in general is how tough and resilient they are. The instincts in them to keep fighting even when they are down is so powerful that no amount of pain will stop them. I know this horse well, he doesn’t always win. But he just keeps going and fighting the fight everyday! 

 I think as human’s we are constantly looking for the day where we no longer have to fight to survive. But in a lifetime those days are brief. There is always something to fight for, or a purpose to live for, I think we should embrace it…

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