Koby’s happy place is without a doubt out in the arena when we are riding or roping. You can’t get him not to smile! While I’m leading horses out to ride, he will grab ahold of the lead ropes and pull the horses around. He’s a terrible cow dog, but he doesn’t know that. He’s good at scattering them more then he is herding them. But this his happy place, so we let him do what he wants for the most part. 

I never was much of a dog person before Koby. When my daughter rescued him from a neighbor who wasn’t taking very good care of a mom and her pups, I made her keep him in the barn because I struggle with animals in the house. That didn’t last for very long. Pretty soon, it was “Can he stay in for a while?” “Can he sleep in the house tonight? It’s too cold for him outside?” next thing I knew, he was inside living the spoiled dog life. Eating table scraps every meal, sleeping on the couch getting hair all over it, eating fancy dog food. I try and keep him outside with me as much as possible, but if we are not out in the arena and it’s naptime, he would just as soon be inside. 

I’m now a dog guy…

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