Feeding cows with Seth

I got a chance to go hang out with my buddy Seth on the Bar-B ranch the other day and help him feed. He is a good friend and old rodeo traveling partner. Seth grew up on the ranch and his Grandpa has managed it since the 1970’s. I really enjoy the ranch, nothing better than the smell of hay, cows, horses and tractors. So when he invited me up, I was not going to turn it down. img_0289

I met Seth for the first time about eighteen or nineteen years ago when he had just graduated high school. I am seven years older than he is so that would have made me twenty five. I know it’s a cliche, but I am going to say it anyway, I cant believe how time fly’s. Being twenty five sure feels like it was just yesterday…But wait, I regress, this story is not about how old I am and how young I feel, it’s about Seth. I am sure I will write about my middle age years later.

We were at a steer wrestling jackpot at the Weber county fairgrounds in Ogden, Utah. My first impression of him was that he was a quiet kid and kept to himself. He would answer any question, but with short and to the point responses, yes, no, ok, ect. Looking back, the reason he would answer that way was probably because he just didn’t like me that much. I’m sure if you were to ask him today, he would agree. But somehow we ended up in the same truck as traveling partners and became friends. Now instead of answering me with short responses, they begin with F#$k you Hover! And that, is how I know he cares.


The one thing I will never forget about him that day that stuck in my mind was how tough and determined he was-and still is. On one of the steers that he ran he was late getting out of the box, and ran the steer clear to the end of the arena. Most guys would have given up on the run and not got off their horse. Not Seth, there was no way he was not going to get off his horse and get the steer thrown to the ground. As the back of the arena got closer, the steer was veering to the right, his horse was heading to the left, anticipating what direction he was going to go before he got to the back wall. With great courage(and a lot of youth) he jumped off his horse, scratched and clawed up the steers back, got ahold of his horns and it was over. The steer was laying on his back before he even knew what hit him.

It’s been a lot of years since that day. But my impression of him is still the same. He is as tough as anyone I have ever met. But I have noticed lately that he is finally letting his smarts outweigh his grit. Getting older has a way of doing that to a person…. Even Seth.

We are going to miss him

I came across this picture this morning while I was editing some other photos. This was taken last March on a Stealhead trip to Idaho. As dry as it’s been this summer in the American West it’s hard for me to even comprehend what it felt like being blanketed with snow when I took this. It also gave me a sick feeling in my gut and a wave of sadness.

Snowy Salmon (1 of 1)This is Travis Doxey on the right and Lance Heninger on the left taking a sip of whiskey as we get ready to depart for a day of chasing Stealhead. Little did we know at the time that three months later we would lose Lance in a boating accident in Flaming Gorge, Utah. Lance loved Stealhead fishing. As we would pass their boat he would turn to us and sing “ooohh I love it up here” all weekend long…. The guy could flat out fish! He would make all of us harvest what fish we were aloud because he loved to eat them. And I’ve never seen anyone get as excited to clean a fish as him. Life is definitely not fair and I know I will never understand why things happen like they do. Stop counting your money and make sure you spend time with your family and friends, because you never know. Rest In Peace  Lance, we are going to miss you next spring.

All things change

I’ve been in allot of barns and back yards in the twenty five years I have been a farrier. The other day when I was waiting for a client to come out of the house to hold horses for me I couldn’t help but think about how many horses they used to have in this barn. Me and my father in-law would spend a half a day there just to get them all trimmed. Now they only have a handful of old horses left over from their hay day. Either me or him have trimmed their horses for over thirty years. I will be bummed when the horses finally pass or the owners decide its time to let them go. I know all things in life change. People come and go whether you want them to or not. But I can’t help but hold on to the ones that I like to be around. Horses are the same way. Some I like more than the owners. I hope whoever moves into this barn when they are gone bring it back to life the way it was when I first started shoeing here. The place deserves to be full of horses and not a new subdivision.

The Hand Off

Pass the bottle (1 of 1)

Not much of a whiskey drinker. In fact I hate it! Never has agreed with me. Me and beer have a great relationship and I am fine with that. Through some hard ridden peer pressure I caved and had a few shots while fishing over the weekend. They tell me Pendleton is one of the better whiskey’s out there but it still tasted like shit. Although, when I think about it, drinking whiskey while fishing would be allot more convenient for many reasons. The main one being I wouldn’t have to take a leak off the boat twenty five times a day(that would be nice). But it probably would not make up for my gut’s violent revenge at the end of the day of getting the poison out of my body. Nonetheless, there is still something heartwarming about two buddies passing alcohol to each other while fishing.