Getting creative

This is my son-in-law Mason hot shoeing a horse setting a toe clip with the smoke drifting away from it. We were in our shop with Chris Dickinson having some fun getting creative. It worked out pretty good for me; I got some images I liked, and I also got Mason to trim our horse’s feet this time around. I love the way the light caught the smoke drifting away from the shoe!

I want to thank everyone who has bought a print, followed me on social media, commented on a post, shared, or liked it in the last year. I appreciate the support! It means more to me than I will ever be able to put into words. There is nothing better than to post an image and connect with a total stranger and have them comment back their heart and soul and tell me what the image means to them. Often, they are better at telling me what the photos say than I am. Pretty humbling for me. I will forever be grateful for everyone in my Tribe! Not just social media either, all my close friends who have supported me from the beginning, I love you guys, and I’m excited to see what 2021 brings!

Doing chores

I think I would rather get a root canal than take a picture of myself. For some reason, I don’t mind seeing other people’s pictures they have taken of themselves, especially if they are done in a classy none narcissistic way. I like to see images of other photographers. It helps put a face to the pictures and helps tell their story. For whatever reason, when I think about posting a photo of myself, all I can think about is how much it feels like I am being narcissistic. It’s one of the traits in humans I am not very fond of. But! I am also a big believer in pushing yourself out of your comfort zones to grow and learn. So here I go pushing myself out of my comfort zone to try and tell my story to help people to know and understand who I am, and why I do what I do. 

I have always liked to learn. I think it’s essential to improve yourself and work on your craft. So when I go out to feed my horses at night, if I think there might be some good light, I’ll take my camera and practice. I’m far from the 10,000 hours of training. I’ve heard that it takes before, you are considered good at something. But after last night, I’m a couple of hours closer. 


Sometimes I feel like I never have enough time to do the things I want to do and then I sit down to recap my month and realize I am always doing something I want to do. I came to the conclusion the other day that no matter how much time I have, I still wouldn’t have enough. To many interests, to curious about the world, to many places to go, to many friends to hang out with, just never going to be enough time. In the end I’m grateful for all the interests in my life and what time I have to enjoy them.Continue reading “November”


The first part of October brought me back to the desert to photograph the wild horses. I can never get enough of the desert country they live in and watching them. I hadn’t been out for a couple of months and it felt really good to see them again


A couple of days later me and my wife went to the Uintah mountains in Utah, to photograph horses in fall color. I feel like we walked away with a few good images and had a great fall day spent in the mountains.


uintahs 10-5-19 (1 of 7)

I can’t even begin to describe how beautiful it was. Not a lot of people outside of Utah even know about the Uintah range. But there over 500 fishable lakes and if it were up to me I would fish everyone in my lifetime. There is nothing better than throwing a leg over a good horse with a fly rod tied on and riding into a mountain lake. I spend a lot of time in the Uintah’s riding and fishing but this day I only had an afternoon to spend and wanted to get some fall photographs.

The next day I went for a ride with my daughter Alyx, and good friend Kylee.


We went to a trail head just outside of Snowbasin ski resort just east of where I live in Ogden. It was a good ride but very crowded. Not a place for solitude.

The good thing about fall is it brings more time for photography. I was able to go to the desert and photograph the Onaqui wild horse’s again.

It was a beautiful day. The horses never cease to amaze me and I was able to get a few keepers.

To round out the month on Halloween the Budweiser Clydesdales came to Ogden. I love seeing them. So cool to see them all hitched up and working as a team.