From The American West to Vermont

About a month ago I got a message from a girl who sent me a picture of a horse I took on the Onaqui range back in the summer of 2019. She asked me if she could buy a print of it because she adopted him after he was rounded up off the range back in the summer of 2021. I was a little taken aback. I can only imagine how many images she must have gone through to find him.

She calls him Atlas. From the looks of it, this colt couldn’t have found a better home. Amelia Peters is doing a great job of training him and giving him every opportunity to thrive!

It’s intriguing to me when I think about him being born in the wild in the high desert of the American West and finding himself in Vermont thousands of miles away living a completely different life.

But I know that some things in this life are meant to be. Whether he was destined to find her, or she was meant to find him. It makes me feel good knowing he’s in good hands. The horse/human relationship is one of the most powerful things I’ve ever witnessed.

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