April 2021

I finally made it out to Utahs west desert to see the wild horses. It felt like it had been forever since I had seen them. If I don’t get out there at least once a month I start to get a little edgy. My wife can tell and will make it a point to make sure that I find time. During the winter I have more time to make It out and usually will get out there a couple times a month. As spring rolls around and my horseshoeing business picks up it starts to get harder and harder to find time. As time goes on I would like to commit to twice a month year round. I love it out there!

We have also had a remodel project going in my office/studio and our master bedroom. That has had most of my free time tied up. We are replacing the old carpet with new wood flooring, trim, and paint. We also put in a closet in my office for storage. I’m excited to see what its going to look like when it’s done!

I have no desire to be a photographer for hire. My motivation is solely self expression and selling prints. But I love to practice and learn anything I can. I talked my oldest daughter, Alyx into letting me take a series of images of her while she rode her horse at our place one afternoon for fun.

Back to the theme of getting better. My summer photography project besides my staple of wild horses and landscapes from the American West, with horses in them, is going to be going to all my roping friends arenas while they are practicing and photograph them. It’s a good way for me to work on action shots and timing.

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