We are going to miss him

I came across this picture this morning while I was editing some other photos. This was taken last March on a Stealhead trip to Idaho. As dry as it’s been this summer in the American West it’s hard for me to even comprehend what it felt like being blanketed with snow when I took this. It also gave me a sick feeling in my gut and a wave of sadness.

Snowy Salmon (1 of 1)This is Travis Doxey on the right and Lance Heninger on the left taking a sip of whiskey as we get ready to depart for a day of chasing Stealhead. Little did we know at the time that three months later we would lose Lance in a boating accident in Flaming Gorge, Utah. Lance loved Stealhead fishing. As we would pass their boat he would turn to us and sing “ooohh I love it up here” all weekend long…. The guy could flat out fish! He would make all of us harvest what fish we were aloud because he loved to eat them. And I’ve never seen anyone get as excited to clean a fish as him. Life is definitely not fair and I know I will never understand why things happen like they do. Stop counting your money and make sure you spend time with your family and friends, because you never know. Rest In Peace  Lance, we are going to miss you next spring.

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