All things change

I’ve been in allot of barns and back yards in the twenty five years I have been a farrier. The other day when I was waiting for a client to come out of the house to hold horses for me I couldn’t help but think about how many horses they used to have in this barn. Me and my father in-law would spend a half a day there just to get them all trimmed. Now they only have a handful of old horses left over from their hay day. Either me or him have trimmed their horses for over thirty years. I will be bummed when the horses finally pass or the owners decide its time to let them go. I know all things in life change. People come and go whether you want them to or not. But I can’t help but hold on to the ones that I like to be around. Horses are the same way. Some I like more than the owners. I hope whoever moves into this barn when they are gone bring it back to life the way it was when I first started shoeing here. The place deserves to be full of horses and not a new subdivision.

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