First fish with a streamer

A week or so ago me and Bill Schorr decided on a day to go fishing. Our schedules finally lined up, he had an open day and it was my birthday, so naturally I was going to go fishing. As the day got closer it was evident it was not going to be a good weather day. Spring in the Rocky Mountains is as bipolar as a crazy ex girlfriend. But we had decided we were going no matter what. When we got to the pullout next to the river around 8:00am it was sunny and fifty degrees. Literally in the time it took to get geared up and ready to fish the temperature had dropped by twenty degrees and it was a blizzard. But we had come to fish and there was no turning back now. With snow blowing sideways in our face, off to the river we went. Fishing started off slow, Bill was drifting nymph’s and I was chucking a streamer. About halfway through the day we had both only caught a few when we walked up to a hole that I have always caught fish in. Since my rod had a streamer on it and I usually nymph this hole. I asked Bill if he minded if I casted a few times with his. This was my spot and I was going to show him how to catch a fish out of it. It had never let me down. After casting for fifteen minutes and not catching a fish, Bill got tired of watching me and picked up my rod and casted into the river. First cast, a nice rainbow. That was bill 4-12-18 (1 of 3)the first fish Bill had ever caught on a streamer so I told him to go ahead and use it and have some fun with it for awhile as we headed back down the river to the truck.bill 4-12-18 (2 of 3) Next hole we stop at he jerks out a fat twenty one inch rainbow. After him catching three more fish and me catching nothing he hands me back my rod and tells me to fish with it.  My pride taking a beating from not catching any fish with his rod, I hesitantly take it back. Up to this point all the fish he had been catching with my Barely legal 3-6-18 2 (1 of 1)rod were on a Kelly Galloup, olive and white Barely Legal. “Go ahead Hoov, catch a fish with this Barely of age, or what ever its called” said Bill. At this point I would like to think the story got better for me, but it does’nt. Two or three casts into it I lose the fly in the trees behind me. Of course its the only one I have left. I am sure Bill was thinking to himself what a mistake it was handing me back my rod. He could have caught more fish if he wouldn’t have. Thats what I would have been thinking if I was him

After freezing our ass’s off and not being able to feel the tips of our fingers for seven hours, we got more serious about getting back to the truck. Even though we were cold I think if there would have been more daylight left we would have reloaded on flies and headed back out. In the end we decided to call it a day and go get something to eat, we hadn’t eaten anything all day.  My wife says my needle gets stuck when I go fishing, and that I don’t think about anything BUT fishing. Weather and eating are the least of my worries. There are fish to be caught! I will say I was happy when we stopped at a Mexican restaurant on the way home and had dinner and a few beers. The food was amazing and the beer’s hit the spot. A good way to end a great day…

2 thoughts on “First fish with a streamer

  1. I hope I can be there next time, that river is special to me! It’d be fun to net some big fish for you guys!


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